Hypnosis helps with

Depression – Stress – Anxiety – Panic Attacks – Hypnotherapy is a very effective method of overcoming these debilitating problems.

Weight Loss – Hypnosis actively persuades our brain to control our eating and reduces the amount of personal effort needed to achieve weight loss.

Stop Smoking – Using hypnosis a hypnotherapist can make giving up smoking a much easier process with very few or no withdrawal symptoms.

Childbirth – When the body is profoundly relaxed a Mother can birth her baby in an easier & more comfortable manner. Birthing is returned to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.

Hypnotherapy also helps with:

Fears & Phobias – Confidence & Self Esteem – Concentration & Memory – Insomnia – Procrastination – Emotional Issues – Unwanted Behaviours – Bad Habits – Limiting Beliefs – IBS – Headaches & Migraines – Menopausal Symptoms – Sexual Abuse – Mind Body Healing – Sports Enhancement & Motivation and many more issues

Your investment

General Session – $120
Stop Smoking Package – $275
Virtual Gastric Band – $595
HypnoBirthing┬« – $475 per couple for group classes. Please enquire in regards to private sessions.